Character and Leadership Education

Our Character Vision

To foster sustainable communities that are caring and ethical.

Our Character Mission

To prepare students to be ethically engaged citizens who care deeply, think critically and act courageously.

Core Virtues at FFCA

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Compassion

  • Self-Discipline

  • Integrity

Guiding Principles

  • Character Education connects school learning with daily life.

  • Character Education will be intentional - specifically taught, infused throughout the curriculum and embedded in what we do.

  • Student engagement in character development is fostered through opportunities to think critically and contribute to decision-making.

  • Intrinsic motivation is essential to character development.

  • All staff accept responsibility to promote and model positive character.

  • Staff will communicate with parents and students regarding student character development.

  • Parent partnerships are an important part of creating a culture of character.

  • Community partnerships can be a powerful tool in creating a culture of character.

  • Student engagement in Service Learning is important to character development.

  • Character education facilitates the development of self-reflection, which leads to a strong personal identity and an understanding of one's relationship with the world.

Ethic of Care

This is the core component of Character Education at FFCA. The focus is on helping students develop an awareness of ethical caring, the skills to care, the courage to act in a caring manner, and the connections that cultivate a caring community. An ethic of care is based upon a regard and desire for the well-being of self and others. Caring is the foundation of ethical and moral behavior and the foundation of relationships. Care involves a focus on relationships and the skills and qualities necessary for building them. Care involves receptive attention, reciprocity, empathy, feeling, and vulnerability.


The Essential Skills

Personal Development
Personal development recognizes that, over time, students develop a sense of who they are, which in turn assists them in knowing and challenging themselves. Several skills contribute to personal development:

Citizenship recognizes that, over time, students develop and build relationships in order to participate in the development of community. Several skills contribute to developing citizenship:

Character Education Program

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