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Documents on this page are under review. All feedback will be collected and will be reviewed by the relevant administrator(s), committee, or the Board prior to the next steps for further consideration or implementation.

Society Bylaw Revisions

The FFCA Board has undertaken a thorough review of the Society Bylaws. Many of the changes proposed to the bylaws are relatively minor and are intended to improve their clarity and ensure that they align with current legislation and regulations. Other changes have been made to align the bylaws with recommended best practices for Non-profit Societies. In addition to the minor revisions, we wish to highlight the following more substantive changes that are contained within the revised bylaws as proposed:

  1. Society Membership has been simplified into two categories, Full (Voting) and Associate (Non-voting). The current bylaws have three categories of members, but there are no differences in the rights and privileges between Associate and Alumni members. Amalgamating them into a single category simplifies the membership structure into the two categories with actual differences.
  2. Alumni now need to opt-in to Associate membership following graduation. This is a requirement as the Society has no legal right to dictate membership in a Society for someone no longer directly affiliated with the Charter School.
  3. The composition of the Board is proposed to become a hybrid of elected and appointed members. Having appointed directors is the norm for most non-profit societies, and they allow the existing Board to leverage the capacity of highly skilled directors and/or those who meet a particular need at a particular time. The proposed structure will allow for up to 3 appointed directors out of the 9 in total. This maintains 2/3 of the Board as elected, ensuring that the parents/guardians still maintain direct control over the majority of the Board selection.
  4. Conflict of Interest rules for directors have been updated to reflect current legislative requirements under s. 88 of the Education Act.
  5. The specific Board committee roles and responsibilities have been removed from the bylaws as these were redundant with the Board's Policy 8, and having them identified in policy allows the Board to refine the committees to meet their evolving needs as necessary.

Below, there are two copies of the draft revised bylaws as proposed. One copy contains all of the changes tracked relative to our current bylaws. As there are over 500 proposed edits and changes, we have also provided a clean copy of the new proposed bylaws to make it easier to review.

The Board will recommend the new bylaws for approval in conjunction with the AGM in December. At this time, we are sharing the draft of the proposed bylaws with the FFCA community for your feedback, whether it be comments, concerns or questions. There is a feedback form on the website via which you can provide your input until Monday, November 14, 2022. All feedback will be considered in advance of the next public Board meeting.

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