FFCA SMS Cheer Team Places First!

FFCA SMS Cheer Team Places First!
Posted on 02/06/2023
FFCA SMS Cheer Team

2022/23 has been an excellent year for the cheer team at SMS. They placed first in their competition hosted at Winsport by Imagine Cheer & Dance. They 'hit zero' (which means they had no deductions) and made CTV news! Hitting zero is a big deal- it's very difficult to be perfect in a sport where it is the job of the judges to find mistakes and highlight them. As an athlete, hitting zero is a more significant accomplishment than a first-place finish.

Cheer 2023

There has been no cheer team at FFCA since March 2020, when our season was cut short. Starting from the beginning all over again has been tough. We have been fortunate to have veterans come back to the school from previous teams to help coach and instruct the new team. It's a testament to the lifelong bonds and character that cheer creates.

This has been a year of challenges. There have been a lot of absences due to illness, and we've had some injuries, which forced us to rework our routine a few times. You'd never know it to watch them- this team is the epitome of perseverance.

CTV News story on Youtube: https: //youtu.be/W2vLzU6NMY0

FFCA performance recording: https: //youtu.be/BA-fA1y4TcE

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