Our Charter

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Alberta Education's Final Report on the 12-year review of our 15-year Charter

The FFCA Learner (For Whom We Are Intended)

FFCA is a K-12 school with eight campuses, offering a wide variety of learning experiences for a culturally diverse population across the City of Calgary and surrounding areas. The culture of FFCA is a relational one involving collaboration, engagement and acceptance of diversity across the school community. In delivering the Alberta Programs of Study through the lens of our Direct Instruction Framework, our distinct approaches foster the personal development of every child. FFCA's innovative approaches to teaching and learning allow our students to evolve from supported learners to independent thinkers who have internalized a deep understanding of character and leadership. FFCA‟s programs provide a positive effective learning experience for students while responding to the broad range of learning needs through the provision of appropriate learning interventions. These interventions provide additional resources and support for those students who are experiencing difficulties and are implemented outside the development of individualized program plans. For a review of how FFCA attends to the distinct needs of their learners, see Appendix E. Parents and students who choose FFCA as their school do so primarily because they support the distinctive approaches to instruction, the ethic of care, and focus on excellence and parental involvement that permeate our school culture.

Vision of an FFCA Graduate

With intentional thought given to the design of the learning experience at FFCA, graduates will leave us with core knowledge competencies, skills and abilities that are both essential and timeless. As creators of knowledge, students will have achieved the ability to think critically, care deeply and act ethically so that they can contribute to creating a world that cares and nurtures the diversity of cultures, celebrates personal contributions, and inspires others to reach their true potential. Proficient in their technological communications, FFCA leaders will be able to work independently or interdependently in a globalized society where partnerships and relationships strengthen the capacity to solve problems in collaborative ways. Possessing the attributes of lifelong learners, graduates will be reflective and self-aware as they continue to evolve as successful individuals guided by moral purpose. 

The FFCA Learning Experience

Directed by distinctive approaches to teaching and learning within a safe and caring culture, this charter school is committed to providing a successful learning experience that values the contributions of all partners. FFCA is a supportive learning community that cares about students‟ learning needs and their unique talents, and has a strong desire to see each student achieve personal excellence.


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