2019 Board Election Candidate Biographies

2019 Board Election Candidate Biographies
Posted on 11/26/2019


Dr. Wendy Aturamu is a researcher and a seasoned Human Resources Practitioner with extensive background in HR consulting services, leadership development, career coaching, and immigration matters. Her passion includes providing HR solutions for her clients, consulting for youths as a career counsellor, and empowering women to discover their career potentials. Her over 20+ experiences in human resources and leadership skill spans private and public sectors. She currently holds the position of Human Resources Leader for 7-Eleven Canada Inc. in the province of Alberta. She is also the founder and the President of Trends Consulting Intl, a world-class human resources consulting outfit.

Wendy holds a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership from University of Phoenix, U.S.A, Bachelor Degree in Human Resources & Labor Relations from the University of Lethbridge, Canada and Post Graduate Degree in Human Resources Management from Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. Dr. Aturamu is a member of Delta Mu Delta (DMD), academic distinction award in the Doctor of Management (DM) program, University of Phoenix Lambda Sigma Chapter of the International Business Honor Society, U.S.A. She is a chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), Alberta, Canada, and member of Society of Human Resources Management, Senior Certified Professional, U.S.A.

She is a volunteer member of Leadership Development Advisory Committee at Mount Royal University, Calgary, since 2017, and also a volunteer as an Assessor and Appeal Panel at Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) since 2016.

She was an active member of the Parent Council at the FFCA Middle School between 2011 and 2015, also a member of the FFCA Association of School Councils (ASC) and Vice Chair of South Middle School (SMS) between May 2018 and November 2018, a position she voluntarily resigned because of other pressing volunteer commitments at the time. She was also one of the professional volunteers in 2018 to give a presentation on Human Resources Career for the 2018 Graduating Students at FFCA High School.

I was excited when I saw the email on October 16, 2019 announcing the Board Election and seeking calls for candidates especially, someone with Human Resources background. I felt this is for me to rekindle my interest and willingness to serve this great School who has given all my children placements to discover their full academic potentials in the society. My children, Samuel Aturamu and Deborah Aturamu were graduates of FFCA Middle and High School respectively. My youngest child, Esther Aturamu is a Grade 6 student at the South Middle School, having started from FFCA Elementary South West Campus.

As a Director, and with my over 20 years human resources professional experience, it will be my responsibility to ensure the Board comply with Federal laws, Provincial, and Municipal legislations. Take a lead to help the Board to review any human related policies, implementation thereof, and accurate representation of the Society members. Above all, I pledge to hold myself accountable, work as a team with other Directors to support the successful running of the Association.


My name is Raymond Kin Wai Chow and I am a proud Canadian Citizen who have had the great fortune of living my life in Canada. I am motivated to join the FFCA Board of Directors because I believe in the values of FFCA as they are closely aligned to my personal values of respect, determination, compassion, perseverance, and servant leadership.

As a collaborative HR professional with over 20 years of progressive Human Resources experience in municipal government, renewable energy, and global retail industry; I feel my knowledge would support and represent the Society members in leadership competencies. As a Board of Director I can influence, while operationalize change, build strong relationships, remove barriers, and create a safe space for people to thrive.

I am a Business Professional who has earned a Master in Business Administration Degree, specializing in Human Resources from Royal Roads University. I am in the process of receiving my Chartered Professional in Human Resource Designation. During the past 6 years, I have volunteered and contributed to the initiatives of FFCA South East Elementary School Council and Society. My son, Nicholas attends SMS and my daughter, Sophia attends South East Elementary. During this time, I have also been a Vice Chair for the Associate School Council (ASC).

SAM JIN, MBA “Character determines destiny”

Motivation to join the FFCA School Board:
I believe that education is the key to help kids succeed in their lives. I would like to join the FFCA Board to help kids build their leadership characters and learning skills. I benefited a lot from past education and would like to give back to schools and communities now.

What can I bring to the Board?
“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” I believe in continuing learning and thinking outside of box. I am a leader so I always think strategically when handle complicated situations. I keep learning new things everyday, which helps me think outside of box. My diversified skills and mindset will inspire other Board members to think differently and make strategic decisions with calculated risks.

“Character determines destiny.” I strongly believe in building characters of kids. Parents and schools decide how to build characters of their kids. Therefore, we have to think strategically among our board members to build those characters based on future needs of our kids.

How will I support and represent the Society members?
I will listen to society members to understand their needs and concerns. I will talk to school councils to get advice and exchange ideas to find solutions for those society members. If it is too complicated to handle at the level of school councils, I will bring it to the Board to discuss. I will keep the discussion open and transparent in a timely manner. Also I would like to encourage society members to contribute their ideas and advice to certain issues, which may lead to a better inclusive solution.

My background
My 2 sons, Winston Jin (7) and Austin Jin (5), are studying Grade 2 and Kindergarten in SWE campus and they enjoy learning here.

I am a business owner of a Subway Restaurant and a convenience store. My business background enabled me to think strategically and handle issues practically. I trained many staff members and inspired them to aim higher and achieve higher. I had held various management and marketing positions at 7 Eleven, Sears, and Coca-Cola Ltd Canada for 12 years. Before immigrated to Canada, I founded and ran a Digital Microscope company in China.
I got my MBA degree from Schulich School of Business at York University (ranked #1 MBA in Canada by the Economist). I got my Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology in China. My diversified education enables me to learn new things quickly and apply new knowledge to real life. My immigrant background will help me understand immigrant families culture and needs.
I volunteered in Rotary Club for 2 years, e.g., Casino fund raising, Art auction.


My wife and I are the proud parents of two children of which our eldest attends FFCA’s North Middle School. Volunteering at the school is something that I have always enjoyed and I am looking forward to the opportunity to continue contributing as a board director should I have your support. Why?! I believe I have been a valued and positive contributing member of the board and I would like to continue supporting initiatives to enhance the quality of student learning and their experience at all school levels.

Over the past year, I have actively participated in almost every aspect of the board’s work with interest in ensuring decisions are responsible, practical and made with the full consideration of the entire FFCA community. This has included actively leading, challenging, and providing support for opportunities and issue resolution. Some examples of the work and committees I have contributed to include:

  • Successfully obtaining provincial government agreement to fully fund FFCA’s high school replacement and providing input into the progression of the project
  • Providing input for FFCA’s priorities in the face of a challenging budget environment
  • Supported an assessment of internal financial controls, enhancements for the risk register and IT controls environment as Chair of the Audit Committee
  • Actively contributing as a member of the Policy & Performance Review Committee including participating in renewing the Superintendent’s contract

I was elected to the FFCA Board a year ago for a one year term; it has been a great learning experience and truly satisfying to be able to support administration and staff in providing our children an excellent education.

Volunteering on boards is something that I enjoy as it’s a great way to get deeply engaged in and contribute to an organization. I am currently a board member of Financial Executives International – Calgary Chapter and have volunteered as a board member for a major Calgary based music festival. Professionally, I am the Director of Finance & Corporate Controller at the Alberta Energy Regulator (a provincial government agency).

For me, FFCA is more than just a school – it is a community; passionate about providing a learning environment that fosters developing students into successful, caring and contributing members of society. I am eager and committed in continuing to support this community, our children and FFCA’s success!


My daughter is in Grade 9 at FFCA High School. I have attended School Council and Board meetings occasionally since she joined FFCA in Grade 4 at Southeast Elementary. In the spring of 2018 I became the chair of the High School Council and since then have been encouraged to run for a Board position.

My motivation to be a board member is to help ensure the continuity of FFCA and the other Charter schools and the availability of choice in schooling. I bring to the role of Director a varied background and a willingness to research issues and risk asking questions.

I have a BA in History (1983) and a BSc in Geography (1986), both from the University of Calgary. I have been with City of Calgary Parks since 1981 and have specialized in Urban Forestry since 2001. I became a Journeyman Landscape Gardener in 2000, an ISA Certified Arborist in 2002, and have maintained the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification since 2011. From the Fall of 2007 to the Spring of 2010 I represented Urban Forestry operations on a project that configured new Work and Asset Management software for Parks.

From 1979 to the mid 1990’s I was active in the sport of cave exploration. I held executive positions with the University of Calgary Caving Club, the Department of Geography Palliser Club, and the Alberta Speleological Society. As the Secretary of the Alberta Speleological Society I edited the newsletter ‘The Journal of Subterranean Metaphysics’. For several years I represented the Alberta Speleological Society to the Federation of Alberta Naturalists. I managed the subscriptions to the Canadian Caver Magazine for many years and edited one issue. The winters of 1982, 1983, 1987 and 1990 were spent with expeditions in remote areas in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. Although I am no longer an active caver I am still on the callout list of the Alberta British Columbia Cave Rescue Organization.
Summer vacations with my daughter for the last several years have usually focused on sea kayaking on the west coast, but in 2018 we drove the Dempster Highway to Tuktoyaktuk. I wanted to show her a part of Canada much different than the southern portions of the western provinces. She will graduate in 2022 and until then I have several years to offer my energy and perspectives to the FFCA board.

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